Zabeel Park – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

Dubai has become an ultimate Tourist Destination for its exciting landmarks, modern technological Parks, Amusement Parks, massive buildings, and more. Further, a range of state-of-the-art Parks and gardens in Dubai are green and provide a serene environment for the people. The peaceful atmosphere of the Parks is relaxing and calming for the visitors after a hectic week of work.

For your information, Zabeel Park Dubai often refers to the best and the largest Park, located in the heart of the City. The Park is often called the Dubai Lungs due to the lush green palm trees, clean and fresh air, tidy atmosphere, and more. Beyond carrying health benefits, the Park permits fun activities for the visitors to take part in. 

If you like to go for a picnic with your friends and family, Zabeel Park Dubai is the best choice for your family. It has various playgrounds and play areas for the children. The grounds have swings, slides, games, and physical entertainment for the kids. The Dinosaur Park, Dubai Frame, and Grand Glow are the major attractions for the kids at the Zabeel Park Dubai.

Visit the best and most iconic landmark of Dubai, Zabeel Park, and enjoy the best and fun time. You will never regret going to the Park. The atmosphere will surely refresh your soul and brighten your mood with the greenery. You can go through public transport and reach Zabeel Park in no time to gain a sense of thrilling experience in a natural way. 

Attractions at the Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park Dubai is an attraction for tourists and the locals. People like to visit this Park for its greenery and serenity. Zabeel Park allows visitors to relax in a calming and peaceful environment among the lush green trees and open air. The air feels clean and fresh at Zabeel Park. It allows people to spend their mornings and evenings at the Park.

There are various playing areas for the children. It will keep the kids engaged for a long time while you relax or stroll around Zabeel Park. The famous Dubai Frame is the most popular attraction at Zabeel Park. You can get a panoramic view of the entire Park if you visit the top of the Dubai Frame. The Park will never let you get bored with its exciting features and activities.

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is an iconic structure near the Dubai Mall. It is the most beautiful and complex structure which attracts visitors. The Frame was built in 2008 by Fernando Donis. It consists of 12 stainless steel pillars. These pillars are the best way to display the art and different countries representing their cultural heritage and tradition. The Dubai Frame is a classic structure.

Architectural Information

The famous Dubai Frame measures 2300 square meters and covers an area of about 4197 Square feet. The purpose of developing the Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park was to make it a structure of attraction. People visit Zabeel Park to witness the beauty of the Dubai Frame with their own eyes. It is an iconic landmark that has become popular worldwide.

Panoramic View of the Dubai City

The Dubai Frame is a tall building and goes up to 230 meters high. The exciting feature of the Dubai Frame is that it is an observational deck. I will allow you to get a bird’s eye view of Dubai City. The view from the top of the Dubai Frame is mesmerizing and captivating. You can visit the Zabeel Park to experience this iconic landmark.

Activities for the Kids at Zabeel Park

The Zabeel Park Dubai is the famous picnic and relaxing spot for the people. The tourists enjoy visiting the Park for its peaceful environment and lush green grasslands. The Park provides various exciting and thrilling activities for the kids to enjoy. The kids can never get bored when free to play in the Zabeel Park Dubai, and you can relax while they enjoy themselves. You may also Know Musandam Trip – Plan

The Park has a play area. It includes various swings, games, and fun activities that allow them to learn and enjoy. The Dinosaur Park is the biggest attraction for the kids at the Zabeel Park. The giant dinosaurs are mesmerizing, with large eggs and more. The kids get excited by the roar of the Dinosaurs, and they like to get their pictures inside the Dinosaur Park.

Children’s Play Area

Taking your kids out for physical exercises and bringing them close to nature is always a thoughtful plan. The Zabeel Park Dubai offers various activities that are physically challenging for the kids, and they will keep your child busy for some time. The playgrounds at the Zabeel Park are best for the children to play around. There is a play area which will captivate the children.

There are obstacle courses, swings, slides, gaming activities, and more at the Play Area. The games are not arcade. It is a good thing. Your kid will stay away from the screen for some time, and they will indulge in some physical activities. The Play Area will keep your child engaged for a long time, and meanwhile, you can relax in the peaceful environment of Zabeel Park.

Lush Green Walkaways

The Park offers a peaceful environment for visitors with its lush green environment. The greenery soothes the eyes and the soul. There are jogging and walking tracks all around the Park. The green trees surround the walkways. It makes them look beautiful and serene. You can enjoy relaxation at the Zabeel Park Dubai while your children play in the Play Area.

If you feel energetic, you can jog or stroll around the walkways. The palm trees will welcome you everywhere you go in Zabeel Park. You can click pictures of nature and enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the Park. The Zabeel Park is clean and tidy at all times. Leave your hustle behind and walk in the most peaceful environment at Zabeel Park Dubai.

Dinosaur Park

The Dinosaur Park at Zabeel Park Dubai is the best and the most popular attraction for the kids. The Dinosaur Park provides the most thrilling and exciting adventure for the children and is captivating. There are giant life-like models of different species of Dinosaurs. The whole venue gives the vibes of the pre-historic era, and children can easily spend hours at Dubai Park.

The best feature of the animatronic Dinosaur Park is that the walking dinosaurs give a realistic view to the children, and they love it. The kids get more excited with the roars of the Dinosaurs. There are giant Dinosaur eggs at different spots in the Dinosaur Park. The children can play around the Dinosaurs for a long time, and they like to get their pictures with these extinct animals.

Dubai Grand Glow

Zabeel Park is not an attraction for the morning people or morning activities only. If you want to witness the best nighttime event in Dubai, visit the Dubai Grand Glow at Zabeel Park. It is full of exciting and thrilling activities for you and your children. The LEDs light up the entire venue and make it attractive for the people and tourists at Zabeel Park Dubai.

The Dubai Grand Glow gives a new and exciting look to Zabeel Park. It is an out-of-the-ordinary event and is present over a large area. The Grand Glow includes almost 10 million LEDs and more to light up the entire venue. The ticket price for entering the Dubai Grand Glow is 70 AED. Children under three can enter the Dubai Grand Glow for free and enjoy an exciting time.

Dubai Grand Glow Timing

The event, Dubai Grand Glow, happens the whole week. From Sunday to Friday, it happens from 5 PM to 11 PM. On Saturdays and National Holidays, the Grand Glow happens from 5 PM to 12 PM. You do not want to miss this exciting and fun opportunity to visit the Dubai Grand Glow. There are various activities to entertain the adults and the children.

Best Park for Families

The Zabeel Park Dubai offers the best friendly and family environment for the families to visit. You can go there with your children and adult family members to spend quality time. There are various activities at Zabeel Park for the families. It is the best place to go for picnics, barbecue, enjoy rides, and whatnot. You will have an exciting and fun time at Zabeel Park Dubai with your family.

Picnic Spots

Picnics with family never get old. People like to visit the Parks and gardens. They pack a picnic basket and head towards a green environment for their day. The Zabeel Park welcomes the morning lovers and early risers for a good picnic day and allows them to enjoy their time peacefully at the Park. People Also serch for How Much Does a Desert Safari Cost in Dubai?

There are numerous picnic spots at Zabeel Park. The picnic spots are clean and tidy and surrounded by lush green palm trees to make the environment pleasant and cold. The picnic spots are near the play area and playground where your children can go to play and indulge themselves in physical activities, and you can sit under a palm tree and play games or read a book with snacks.

Flea Market

Another fun and exciting thing to do with your family is to shop for your home goods and clothes. The Zabeel Park offers a unique activity for the family at the Park. There is a flea market set up inside the Park. It is a new thing in Dubai. You can visit the flea market with your family to shop for some vintage and pre-loved items at a lower price yet in good quality.

The flea market at Zabeel Park attracts a vast crowd of visitors who like to shop smartly. The people at the flea market bargain with the shopkeeper for a previously used item and purchase it at a lower price. The flea market usually has a crowd. If you want to shop peacefully, come early in the morning to visit the flea market at Zabeel Park Dubai.

Barbecue Points

Barbeque is the best and the most popular activity for the family to do on a weekend to enjoy quality time together. The Zabeel Park offers an exciting opportunity for visitors to barbeque and enjoy fun moments with their family members. There are numerous barbecue joints already set up at the Zabeel Park Dubai for the people to grill their chicken and feast on it conveniently.

The Barbecue joints are available on a first-come and first-serve basis. There are grilling sticks, pans, coals, and other equipment available for the people. These joints make it easier for families to barbeque in an open-air environment. You can enjoy your food in the best atmosphere. The greenery will make you feel happy and have a beautiful time.

Boat Rides

Do you like to go for a boat ride with your children and family? The Zabeel Park allows you to experience boat rides at a Park for the first time. Area B of Zabeel Park has a long lake with a 30-meter-long geyser fountain. It is attractive to the people. You can pick and book your favorite paddle boat and go for an exciting boat ride with your family.

The ticket prices for the boat rides are pocket-friendly. The small two-person boat costs 40 AED. The large one can carry four people and costs 50 AED. The ride lasts for 20 min, which feels too little because you can never get enough of the boating.

Zabeel Gates Entrances and Parkings:

There are various entrances at the Zabeel Park Dubai to make life easier for the visitors. You can utilize the gate nearest to your Parking spot and enter through the gate. Different gates open near various venues at Zabeel Park. If you have to visit a specific area at the Park, you can go through the nearest entrance of the Park to save time and energy. There are seven gates of the Zabeel Park Dubai.

Gate 1:

The first gate of the Zabeel Park is closest to the playground. It is near the Max Metro Station. If you are with children and you have to visit the play area, gate 1 is the most suitable option for you to enter through.

Gate 2:

Gate number 2 is the main entrance of the Park. It is at the front of Zabeel Park, and most people utilize Gate 2 to enter the Park. The Gate 2 also serves as the exit gate for the Zabeel Park Dubai. If you plan to drive in the Park, enter through this gate.

Gate 3:

The Gate 3 of the Zabeel Park Dubai is at Shaikh Rashid Road, Near Karam, at the footbridge. If you live in that area, gate 3 is suitable and the fastest way for you to enter the Park.

Gate 4:

Gate number 4 opens to the main attraction of Zabeel Park Dubai. It is near the Dubai Frame. Gate 4 is only for pedestrians. You can find a Parking space at gate 4 without a problem. Gate 4 is usually the bustiest gate of Zabeel Park. It is near the Qasr Al Hosn Bridge. You must carry your passport to enter through this gate.

Gate 5:

Gate 5 at Zabeel Park is the entrance to the C Block at the Park. The C block of the Park includes the boat rides area. If you want to enter through that gate, you will enter near the C block of Zabeel Park.

Gate 6:

The sixth gate of the Zabeel Park Dubai is on Al Majlis Street. Gate 6 opens near the Dubai Grand Glow. You can enter through this gate to reach the grand glow directly.

Gate 7:

Gate 7 of the Zabeel Park Dubai is another entrance for the people near that gate.

Zabeel Park Timings:

The timings of the Zabeel Park Dubai are different throughout the week. The timings may vary due to festive seasons and National days.

Monday – Thursday8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday – Sunday8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Ticket prices at Zabeel Park Dubai:

  • The ticket price for entering the Zabeel Park Dubai is 5 AED per person.
  • Children under two can enter the Park for free.
  • The Dubai Frame and Dubai Grand Glow require a separate ticket.
  • You can enjoy it for several hours with one purchase at the Zabeel Park Dubai.

How can I reach Zabeel Park Dubai?

If you want to get to Zabeel Park Dubai, you can reach it through various ways using public transport. The public transport offers numerous bus routes that can take you to Zabeel Park without a problem. You can get the right bus at the bus stop and arrive at your desired gate of Zabeel Park Dubai. Following are the bus routes you can opt for to reach the Park.

  • Bus: 10, 21, 27, 88, X92
  • Metro: M1

Metro Stations near Dubai Zabeel Park:

If you are coming via metro, there are two specific metro stations near the Zabeel Park Dubai you can reach. The Park is within walking distance from these metro stations. You can arrive at the station, walk for a few min, and arrive at the Park without a problem.

  • Oud Metha Metro Station: 25 min walk
  • VIEW Al Jafiliya (also called Max) Metro Station: 28 min walk

Bus Stations near the Zabeel Park Dubai:

You can reach Zabeel Park via bus. The bus stops nearest Zabeel Park Dubai are available in this article.

  • World Trade Centre Hotel – 02: 12 min walk
  • VIEW Al Jafiliya Landside Metro Bus Stop – 1: 17 min walk  
  • VIEW Al Jafiliya Seaside Metro Bus Stop – 1 19 min walk

Final Thoughts

The modern themed Park for families to enjoy quality time is the best place to visit in Dubai. The Zabeel Park Dubai offers various exciting and fun activities for people to indulge in. You can arrange a picnic or take your children to the Dubai Grand Glow. The Zabeel Park will always mesmerize you with its exciting attractions and lush green scenic views.

The Park does not only offer a serene environment, but it also allows people to enjoy a relaxing and calming time with nature. You can get a barbeque spot at the Park and have a barbecue party with your friends and family. The Dubai Frame will captivate you every time you visit Zabeel Park, and you can enjoy the panoramic view of Dubai City.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions:

The jogging track of the Zabeel Park is 2.5 KM long. Lush green palm trees and beautiful views surround the entire jogging track. You can get a look at the iconic landmark of Dubai while jogging. It includes Dubai Frame, a glimpse of Burj Khalifa, and Downtown Dubai.

The Zabeel Park does not allow pets to enter the Park. The Park is family-friendly, and many children are playing around the Park. Dogs and other pet animals cannot enter the premises of the Park. Various other places in Dubai are specifically for dogs and other pet animals.

The Zabeel Park Dubai offers various fun and exciting activities for visitors to indulge themselves in. You can go for a picnic, jog around, barbeque with your friends or family, go for a boat ride, visit the flea market, visit the Dubai Grand Glow, and whatnot. There is a lot to do at Zabeel Park Dubai.

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