Abu Dhabi from Dubai

How to go to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Are you an Abu Dhabi local and want to travel to Dubai for a vacation, work talks, or just for traveling purposes? Then, you are not alone in seeing how people can travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in many ways.

This bustling landscape of the UAE consists of two major cities. Many routes travel within cities. If you are a resident, you will easily know the most ways to travel. You don’t need to worry if you are new, though.

Here are some steps you can take to get your transportation. . We will cover the cost of travel for individuals and families. This includes both public and private options. We will also discuss the routes you should take if you use your own transportation.

Abu Dhabi from Dubai

So, are you ready to travel and pack up your bags? Then what are you waiting for? Stay with me till the end of this article. I will share every means of transportation for you. They can get you into Dubai easily within a short time.

Exploring Different Mediums to Travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Traveling between the iconic cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai is always scenic and enjoyable, but it largely depends on the selection of your conveyance. Of course, people have several mediums to choose from in this perspective.

From deserty highways to aquatic landscapes and bird’s-eye views, travelers can select various sources for this campaign depending on their affordability and preferences. Nonetheless, the following is the list of Transport to be used to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.


 People who need to be taken somewhere professionally should take a taxi. In both towns, there are a lot of taxi companies that offer nice rides at set prices. So there are no surprises, it’s best to talk to the driver ahead of time about the planned route and the cost.

 When it comes to money, going with a group of four or five people is best because everyone can share the cost of taxes. Using this method makes the price seem more reasonable. A trip with just four other people costs around US$72. 

People who drive cabs should remember that To get to the bus stop in Abu Dhabi, you have to leave Dubai. Make sure you have plans in place before you decide to go in a different direction. To keep going on your trip, you can either call another taxi or buy a ticket for either the regular bus or the Big Bus Abu Dhabi at the Abu Dhabi bus stop. 

You could take a regular cab back, which will cost a little less than the first ride. In Abu Dhabi, taxi rides cost less than in Dubai. On the other hand, you can choose the less expensive TV options, such as the white Toyota Varista car. Prices for the smells on the list range from $6 to $14 per person per trip.

People in India and Pakistan who are poor really like them. They are in a different area of Abu Dhabi’s central bus station. To get to the Regional Taxi Station, click on the Google Maps link below. It’s easy to get to many places in Dubai if in these dangerous cars.

You can get off where you want if you tell the driver ahead of time. The bus also stops at set places, like metro stations and Dubal’s central bus hub. One issue with these cab vans is that there isn’t enough room for all 10 people who need to ride. People Also sesrch for What is the biggest desert in the world?

Intercity Buses:

As part of the Emirates Express service, all-day buses run from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. This makes the trip easy and quick. These buses depart from certain hubs in both towns, making them a simple and cheap way to get around. To get a seat and avoid last-minute problems, people should buy tickets ahead of time. This is especially important during busy travel times.

 Most people who want to save money and time on their trip say they take the direct bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The air conditioning makes this ride nice and cool for about two hours and twenty minutes. Plus, the bus service is not only convenient but also very cheap. Some people believe this is the best way to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

 People can get around Dubai in two different ways. Their numbers are E100 and E101. These services pick people up from other places and meet their needs. From Dubai’s Al Ghubaiba bus station to Abu Dhabi’s Central bus station, the E100 bus goes. It leaves at times that work for you all day.

From Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station (CBS), the E100 service goes. From Ibn Battuta Bus Station to Abu Dhabi, the E101 line goes. At the stops, you can buy CBS NOL tickets before getting on the train. You can connect to Wi-Fi and the seats on that bus are nice and soft. Check out the webpage for the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). There is a list of the exact bus times between Dubai and Abu Dhabi for Eid and other holidays.

Etihad Rail: 

The Etihad Rail project will change how UAE citizens travel between cities. This high-speed train network will make travelling between Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other significant cities faster and better for the environment once it’s up and running.

 The economy package includes Three people, and every one of them has a bag. The total amount is AED 253.42. The comfort package consists of three people, and every one of them has a bag, which costs AED 304.83. A business package that starts with the 304.83.

Three people are there, and every one of them has a bag. The whole amount is 367.27 AED. The Premium package has three people on board, and each has a suitcase. Getting in as a VIP costs AED 385.63. Three people are there, and every one of them has a bag.

An SUV costs AED 628.03. There are five people and five bags in total. For a van, the price is AED 301.16. There are eight people and six bags on board. The cost is 39665 AED. It takes a small group of people to get from one place to another in a minibus. Everybody and every bag has the same number of 16 items. The whole amount is 771.27 AED. Five hundred people are on the bus, and each person has their own suitcase. The whole amount is AED 1,531.52. 

Ride-Sharing Apps: 

Popular ride-hailing apps like Uber and Careem make it easy and affordable for people to get to work. These apps make it easier to book. They also show users the cost before they book, which helps them. Follow the ideas of the sharing economy. 

There are many private vehicle options for your trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. They offer a more private way to get there. You can choose when to travel using these services. You can go whenever it suits you.

 A lot of people are interested in Uber or Careem because they offer excellent service, nice cars, and the easiest ways to get around. Based on the type of ride chosen, the following fees apply to the car services.

Private Vehicles: 

The most freeing thing to do is to have your own car. A big road is the E11 highway, which is also known as Sheikh Zayed Road. It’s there from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. See how crowded the roads are right now, especially during rush hours, to get a good idea of how long their trip will take. Helpful tools like Google Maps can tell you about traffic jams and other ways to get where you need to go.


Carpooling gets more people involved in their communities. It helps the environment by using the space in vehicles. Sharing trips is easy and convenient thanks to platforms. They help people save money and use green transport. Ensure safety. Do this by reading user profiles carefully and following safety rules. Do this when taking part in carpooling. Full Guide Desert Safari Dubai – An Experience Of A Lifetime:


To go from Abu Dhabi to Dubia you can choose between private cars and cabs, and if you split the cost of a taxi, you can save money. Public transport, like buses that run between cities and the planned Etihad Rail project, is greener and cheaper. It’s easier and gives people more options to use sharing and rental car services. If you want to go from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, you should carefully think about all of your transportation choices. With so many easy ways to get from one of these fun UAE towns to another, tourists are sure to have a great trip.


The approximate travel time by road is around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the chosen route.

Yes, travelers using the Sheikh Zayed Road, the main highway connecting the two cities, will encounter toll gates. Payments are made electronically using a registered toll tag or online payment portals.

From your information, car rental services are readily available in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Travelers must possess a valid driver’s license and adhere to local traffic regulations.

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