Desert Safari License in Dubai: Application, Location & Fees [Updated Detailed] – 2024

Dubai Desert Safari doesn’t attract the worldwide tourists, but the Investors and Businessmen for its lavish incentives and profits. If you’re wondering how to get the Desert Safari License in Dubai, this article will aid you to the utmost.

On practical grounds, earning a Dubai Desert Safari License is not a piece of cake since it involves a lot of Legal Work related directly to the Dubai Government. Further, a massive investment is required to initiate your business rightly after claiming the License. Read also the Guide Can you drink tap water in Dubai – [Latest Guide].

It is fair to add that if you’ve done complete documentation, the Dubai Tourism Department won’t take long to permit you a Safari License. Meanwhile, the following section will provide details on requirements and assets for this particular purpose.

Understanding the Rules and Regulations: 

People from around the world visit Dubai’s desert adventure area because it’s fun and exciting. While sand bashing and meeting Bedouins can be fun, it’s essential to know that the Dubai Police and the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) keep a close eye on these activities.

Dubai has set up strict rules. They are to ensure tour safety and to protect heritage and the environment. At its center are the Dubai Police and the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). They make and uphold the principles that advise individuals how to carry on with work. Also Know the Tourist Place Zabeel Park Detailed Guide.

Eligibility Criteria For Desert Safari

Before starting the licensing process, people who want to handle desert tours in Dubai must first learn about the strict rules set by the government. Some companies have been known to run great businesses and meet safety standards, so these rules are fundamental to ensure that only those companies can run desert tours.

  1. Applicants must indeed be businesses in the United Arab Emirates, with trade licenses and a promise to follow all laws and rules. 
  2. Make sure the finances are stable; you need to show that you have a solid financial base to make sure you can keep your business going and play by the rules. 
  3. Skilled drivers and knowledgeable guides are essential to make sure that tour guests are safe and happy.

 Application Process:

A desert tour pass in Dubai is hard to get because the process is very well thought out, has many steps, and is closely watched by government officials. To show that they care about safety and the environment and give excellent service, people who want to work have to do several things, like fill out paperwork and take tests. Operators who want to work in Dubai’s famous desert tour business need to know how this process works to get the proper permits.

 1. Documentation:

 People who want to apply must put together a lot of different papers, such as Business licenses and permits, copies of insurance papers —, proof that you are a worker, complete business plans that include ways to run the business, rules for safety, and efforts to protect the environment.

 2. Submission:

 If someone wants to apply, they must send their forms and supporting papers to the proper regulatory body. Usually, this is the DTCM, or the government offices that give out tourist passes. 

 3. Inspection and evaluation: 

 Regulatory bodies carefully examine the houses, cars, and ways of doing candidates’ business. This test ensures that rules about safety, the environment, and cultural understanding are followed. 

 4. Approval and Licensing:

 Those who pass the tests and checks can get their desert tour license. There are rules about outdoor activities on the permit, like the roads that can be used, how many people can ride, and operating hours.

From where can someone get a pass to run tours in the desert? 

 To get a Dubai desert tour pass, you must first send your application to the correct people. People who need to apply can do so directly with the Dubai Branch of The travel industry and Trade Promoting (DTCM) or through other government working environments that give out vacationer passes. How do I get an MRN number in Dubai? Updated Guide.

Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM):

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is responsible for everything that has to do with the movement business in the city. Safari tour companies that run in the desert can immediately send their license requests to the DTCM’s licensing unit. The department has everything it needs to help and guide applicants through the process and ensure that all of them meet the standards.

Designated Government Offices:

Applicants can send their license forms to more than just the DTCM. They can also send them to government agencies that provide tickets to tourists. These offices and the DTCM make it easy to apply and ensure that candidates and regulatory bodies can quickly talk to each other. 

Compliance and Regulation:

Companies that want to run tours in the Dubai desert must follow strict rules and be watched by the government. You must always follow these rules to protect the health of the people taking part, the environment, and the truth of traditional history. 

To follow the rules, you must do many things, like ensuring everyone is safe, caring for the environment, and putting customer happiness first. Operators must be careful and persistent when dealing with these rules in order to get around them. To stay in business in Dubai’s always-changing tourist market, you must ensure people have great times.

Safety Standards:

To stay safe, people with licenses must follow strict rules. They must make sure the tour cars are in good shape by checking and fixing them regularly and putting customer safety first. Following all road laws, such as speed limits and seat belt rules, ensures the tour trip is safe and fun. Making sure emergency plans are followed and showing employees how to give first aid.

Taking care of the environment: 

An essential part of a desert tour business is caring for the earth. To protect the environment, following long-term trash management plans is essential. So is staying on set tour tracks to avoid damaging fragile areas. Helping with protection efforts in the desert is also necessary to keep it safe and limit the damage people do. 

Making sure the client is pleased: 

Organizations that arrangement with go need to ensure their clients are satisfied. Offering stand-out experience trips with gifted guides, state-of-the-art cars, and amazing client service. Taking care of customer issues and giving them easy ways to comment will help make the service better. 

How does being able to go on a desert trip cost money? 

Different types of desert adventure licenses, lengths of time, and events may cost different amounts of money in Dubai. Applicants should expect to pay the following types of fees, though these can change and are often changed by regulatory bodies:

Application fee:

Most of the time, you must pay a fee you can’t get back when applying for a license. A fee is charged because there are overhead costs to handle your application and do the first reviews. 

The application costs between AED 1,000 and AED 3,000, which is identical to USD 270 and USD 820. The expense relies heavily on how complex the application is and the quantity of legitimate advances that ought to be taken.

License Fee:

People who want to go on a desert tour must pay a fee after their application for a license has been accepted. Things like the size of the business and the timeframe the permit is substantial may change how much the permit costs.

The permit charge can go from AED 5,000 to AED 20,000, which is around USD 1,360 to USD 5,450. Costs shift in light of the size of the activity, how long it’s substantial for, and the exercises that should be possible.

Renewal Fee:

Most desert journey passes are just really great for a specific measure of time and should be restored infrequently to remain substantial. You need to pay restoration charges each time you get another elapse. These charges are intended to take care of the expenses of keeping up with records and making customary checks, like changing permit data.

It very well may be anyplace from AED 5,000 to AED 20,000, which is about USD 1,360 to USD 5,450. The expense to recharge is equivalent to the principal charge. It depends on the same things that were already said

Additional Charges:

 You might have to pay for things like car checks, studies of the impact on the environment, and staff training classes as part of the licensing process. Based on the details of the licensing process, extra fees like car checks, studies of the effects on the environment, and staff training classes may have different prices. Costs could go from a couple hundred to two or three thousand dirhams.


In Dubai, you should cautiously observe the guidelines, show that you care about security and the climate, and ensure your clients are glad to get a pass for a desert visit. Operators play a significant role in the long-term growth of Dubai’s desert tourist industry. They ensure that applicants follow the rules and carefully walk them through the application process.

As guardians of this unique natural heritage, they work to give guests experiences they will never forget and to protect the desert’s environment for future generations. Desert trip companies are significant to the growth of Dubai’s tourist business and preserving its rich cultural past. They do a lot of work and always have new ideas.


Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, individuals or companies with the necessary qualifications, experience, and financial capability to operate a Desert Safari business in compliance with Dubai’s regulations are eligible to apply for a license.

Applicants need to demonstrate proficiency in desert driving techniques, knowledge of safety protocols, and understanding of customer service standards. Obtaining certifications for tourism, hospitality, or vehicle operation may also be beneficial.

The process to apply for a Desert Safari license usually involves submitting an application to the relevant government authority or regulatory body in Dubai, along with necessary documentation, such as business registration papers, proof of financial stability, and a detailed business plan.

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