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How to Choose the Best Dubai Desert Safari?

Dubai desert safari is indeed an exotic experience filled with plenty of fun and adventure, but it is often confusing for tourists to decide on the best options available. New tours pop up on the scene every other day, and they all claim to offer the best one-of-a-kind experience. That certainly makes it a bigger challenge for tourists to choose the right company for their desert journey.

Here are a few questions you should be seeking answers to so that you can pick the best Dubai desert safari for an unforgettable experience.

What’s the camp type and group size?

Most tourists and international visitors aren’t aware that companies offering Dubai Desert Safari experiences arrange these tours in different types of camps and group sizes. Let’s explore some details in this regard and understand how they can impact your safari experience.

Camps Shared With Other Safari Companies

This type of camp primarily targets the budget-focused market and offers good value for money when you’re on a tight budget. The drawback here is that the company arranging the safari experience for you won’t have much control over food quality, hygiene, facilities, and entertainment because the camp will be shared with other companies for dinner. If you face any issues, your company won’t be able to do much about it.

Large Private Camps (50-600 Guests)

Many companies offering desert safari tours maintain their own private camps. However, they often cater to a large number of guests. At times, they even accommodate around 500-600 guests at a time. If you’re fine with so many people around, you can consider this option. However, keep in mind that you’ll be dealing with long buffet lines, a lack of personalized services, and an extremely busy desert.

Small Private Camps (Up to 100 Guests)

While not many companies offering desert safari in Dubai arrange their small private camps, those who do can offer more customization and better service overall. This option should be preferred by couples, families, and anyone celebrating special occasions.

Private Set-ups

Companies with their own private set-ups offer the ultimate safari experience. There aren’t many guests, and all your needs are well attended to. You get a customized service, more privacy, and great quality overall. All you have to ascertain before booking your safari with them is what facilities are available, and you are good to go.

Do they operate with company staff or freelance staff?

In order to have an excellent safari trip, your chosen company must provide a professional safari guide. Besides the guide, other staff that accompanies you on the safari tour should be on the company’s payroll. Some companies do not hire permanent staff and hire freelance workers and safari guides instead. While some may provide excellent services, others may not be as good. Therefore, always look for a company that guarantees the availability of company-trained safari guides and staff members. They are professionally trained and can ensure better customer service overall.

What type of drive will it be (wildlife safari or dune bashing)?

Both types of desert safari experiences are on offer in Dubai, and your choice primarily depends on the kind of adventure you are seeking. If you are fit and healthy and love adventure sports, dune bashing would certainly be the preferable option for you. It gets the adrenaline rushing and delivers a unique adventure in the challenging terrain of the desert. It’s a roller-coaster ride that is certainly not for the faint-hearted. And, of course, it is incredibly fun. However, the adventure usually only lasts for not more than 30 minutes at most.

Alternatively, you can opt for a wildlife safari. It is more like an African safari trip that everyone can enjoy, even if they are not fit enough to take part in an adventure sport. Only a few companies offer wildlife safaris at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and they offer an interesting, visually appealing, and safe adventure. These drives generally last for more than an hour.

What is served in the dinner?

The food served on a safari tour also determines the kind of experience you have at the end of the day. So, it’s better to ask beforehand what is on the menu and whether they prepare fresh food or serve some pre-cooked stuff. You should also confirm if your desert safari company hires its own chef to prepare food on-site or if they outsource the job to a catering company. Their answers should give you an idea of what kind of food to expect when you are in the desert.

If you are interested in authentic cuisine with regional specialties, ask beforehand if the company serves the food you’re looking for. Similarly, if you want to plan a Dubai desert safari with BBQ dinner, choose a safari tour accordingly. Remember, your choices here will also determine how much Dubai desert safari costs you.

What’s the reputation of the tour provider?

When choosing a desert safari in Dubai, don’t overlook the reputation of the company you are booking your safari tour with. While it is a good idea to take referrals from family or friends who might have experienced it before, you must also check out some reviews about the company on popular travel sites like TripAdvisor. Your Hotel Concierge may also help you choose the best desert safari services in the market. You should also ask them if they have any contracted suppliers and ensure they are giving you an impartial recommendation.

What is the desert safari price?

It’s another important question you should be seeking answers to when looking for the best desert safari Dubai companies. Of course, you want to stick to your budget. But remember one thing; you always get what you pay for.

Let’s quickly look into what you can generally expect in your desert safari package for various budget ranges.

Desert Safari DealsWhat’s IncludedPrice Range (AED)
Ultra BudgetShared camp, dune bashing, freelance safari guides75-100
BudgetShared camp, dune bashing, freelance safari guides120-180
Desert Safari Basic (Economy)Large private camps, dune bashing, freelance safari guides220-275
Desert Safari PremiumLarge private camps, wildlife driving, both freelance and in-house safari guides275-375
Desert Safari ExclusiveSmall private camps, special vehicles for wildlife driving, in-house safari guides545
Desert Safari LuxuryPrivate set-up, wildlife driving, both in-house and freelance safari guides, no bathroom or entertainment facilities895
Desert Safari Platinum (Ultra Luxury)Private set-up, wildlife driving in a luxury SUV, in-house safari guides, entertainment and other facilities1500

Note: Companies offering budget deals are usually not the Safari Providers themselves but the wholesalers, and their commission is included in the price. All other deals above are generally offered by the Safari Providers themselves.

Equipped with all the information above, you can now decide on the bestdeals for desert safari Dubai. Pick deals that offer the experience you are seeking and fall in your budget range. Remember, there’s high competition among top desert safari providers in Dubai, and you should choose wisely after considering all the factors described above.

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