How to Book Desert Safari Dubai? [New Prices] – 2024

If you’re a first-timer in Dubai, booking an economical Desert Safari could be daunting since a range of Desert Safari Services with different prices and facilities wouldn’t take too long to confuse your mind. 

However, if you’re on this Blog before calling a final decision, you will find in-depth information on the Dubai Safari Tour. This detailed guide will answer all your queries, such as how to Book a Desert Safari, How much it costs, and How to add max-utilities to your package.

Before discussing its bookings, I will provide you with something you should know before planning and going to the desert safari. Also, there are some privacy policies regarding the age and cancellation of your bookings. Here you go:

Something You know, before you go on a desert safari:

  • Prior to your Evening Desert Safari, ensure that you are attired in comfortable garments, such as sneakers or walking shoes, and dress in a modest manner.
  • It is important to note that temperatures in the desert can fluctuate rapidly. During the winter months, warm afternoons often give way to cold evenings. Before you start your Evening Desert Safari, you must consider many factors. 
  •  First and foremost, ensure your personal safety by applying sunscreen and carrying sunglasses and a hat to shield yourself from the sun’s rays. 
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff via WhatsApp to discuss your requirements.
  • Alternatively, You may complete the form that is available at the linked link. 
  • While we make every effort to offer you the chance to witness a diverse array of wildlife, it is not feasible to predict the behaviour of every species. Therefore, if particular animals change their plans, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to witness them. 
  • Please inform our staff of any pre-existing medical issues before participating in the Evening Desert Safari. 
  • In order to ensure a satisfactory experience for all guests, we will make any required modifications to fit individual requirements.
  • Restrooms are easily reachable throughout this activity. 
  • Transfers to and from Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, Al Ain, and Fujairah incur an extra charge of AED 200. 

Age Policy For Dubai Desert Safari

  • The ideal age for adults is 12 and older. 
  • The appropriate age range for youngsters is between 5 and 11 years old. 
  • If you are accompanied by youngsters between the ages of 2 and 5, or those who are shorter than 135cm, it is imperative that you reserve a private vehicle and furnish our team with the required details when making your appointment. 

Cancellation Policy For Dubai Desert Safari

  • We recognise that situations may occur where it is necessary to make changes to plans. If they do, please notify us at least 24 hours before your activity.
  • Kindly be advised that the complete payment for your reservation must be settled no later than 48 hours before your booked event. If payment is not received by the designated deadline, we may be required to terminate your activity. 
  • Occasionally, It may be necessary for us to modify the timetable of the Evening Desert Safari or cancel the activity entirely. In these circumstances, we possess the power to alter and conclude operations, and we will ensure that we provide you with advance notice of any modifications, if possible. 

Instructions for reserving the packages available for the desert safari in Dubai: 

Experience the authentic essence of Dubai by fully engaging with its breathtaking desert scenery. A desert safari is not merely a journey but a remarkable expedition that will forge unforgettable memories within your heart. 

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

Participating in an Evening Desert Safari allows you to behold the exquisite the magnificence of the Dubai desert and fully engage with the abundant Emirati culture that envelops it. Located beyond the imposing skyscrapers and scenic beaches of the city is a desert terrain that serves as the original birthplace of Dubai. 

Services that we offer:

  • Transportation to and from your hotel or residence to the DDCR 
  • Thrilling 4×4 dune drive through the desert dunes
  • Opportunity to ride an Arabian Camel 
  • Brief lesson on sandboarding 
  • Stop at sunset to witness a breathtaking natural spectacle 
  • Enjoy a BBQ dinner in a traditional Bedouin setting 
  • Unlimited soft drinks included in each package. 
  • Throughout the reservation process or during your safari, you can select either the House or Premium upgrade alternatives. 
  • During your safari, a committed driver/guide from Arabian Adventures will accompany you. 

Choose your method of transportation. 

  • Pick and drop service at your hotel in Toyota Land Cruiser. 
  • The price is USD 101.
  • Private motor vehicle 
  • It can accommodate a maximum of six people. 
  • Complimentary transportation is offered in a lavish private vehicle that is engineered explicitly for off-road excursions. 
  • The price is USD 497;

Enjoy the deal! 

Exclusive Desert Experience at Desert Safari in Dubai:

The Exclusive Desert Experience offers an exceptional evening that will turn your memorable occasions into treasured recollections. The event takes place in an exceptional location, encompassed by the peaceful isolation of the desert. This event guarantees a memorable evening that will leave a lasting impression on your memories. 

Duration: 6 hours 

Services that we offer:

  • Complimentary transportation to and from your hotel or lodging for the Exclusive Desert Experience 
  • Indulge in the thrill of a 4×4 dune drive throughout the Dubai desert 
  • Embark on a fantastic adventure as you ride on an Arabian Camel. 
  • Enjoy the splendor of nature. Be on the lookout for captivating wildlife during your desert encounter.
  • See a stunning sunset. Enjoy it with a glass of delicious, bubbly champagne.
  • You get to have a personal campground in a remote part of the Dubai desert. It has plush seating inspired by the Bedouin tradition. 
  • Enjoy a delicious three-course BBQ supper, skillfully served to your table by a professional waiter. 
  • Indulge in the experience with limitless non-alcoholic and high-quality drinks, including sparkling beverages, and elevate the atmosphere with a classic shisha pipe for your enjoyment. 

Choose your desired service. 

  • Dining for a Small Group of 1-2 People 
  • Enjoy the free ride in a nice private car. It’s for the whole trip. 
  • The cost is $667. 
  • Dining for a Small Group of 3-4 People 
  • pick and drop service at your hotel in Toyota Land Cruiser. 
  • The cost is $857. 
  • Exquisite Dining Experience Limited to a Small Group of 5-6 Individuals 

Transportation is offered free of charge in a private car that is both comfortable and dependable, specifically a 4-wheel drive vehicle such as a Toyota Land Cruiser or a comparable model. 

The price amounts to $996. 

Morning Desert Adventure at Desert Safari in Dubai:

Participating in a Morning Desert Adventure in the Dubai desert is a genuinely extraordinary experience for individuals who value the splendour of commencing their day early. As the city awakens, you can sit on the dunes to enjoy a perfect morning vantage point. 

Embark on a comprehensive agenda of activities, ranging from an exciting dune drive to a peaceful camel ride, with chances to observe wildlife and indulge in breakfast amidst the desert. The morning is replete with distinctive desert encounters. 

Duration: 5 hours 

Services that we offer:

  • You can use free transportation to get to and from the Morning Desert Adventure. It’s available for your convenience. It doesn’t matter if you are staying at a hotel or a house. 
  • Enjoy a tasty breakfast box and drinks. They will keep up your energy on your trip.
  • Immerse yourself in real Arabian culture. Do so by joining a thrilling Camel Ride. 
  • An optional sandboarding session is provided for those who prefer excitement and adventure.
  • Wildlife spotting opportunities as you begin your morning adventure 
  • Enjoy a thrilling dune drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 
  • Take a camel ride across the impressive dunes
  • Enjoy a tasty breakfast box under the morning sun 
  • Observe the captivating native wildlife of the DDCR in their natural environment 
  • Experience the excitement of sandboarding down the sandy slopes during an optional session 

Choose the service you want 

  • Pick and drop service at your hotel in Toyota Land Cruiser. 
  • The price amounts to $105. 
  • Private motor vehicle 
  • It can accommodate 6 people. 
  • Pick and drop service at your hotel in Toyota Land Cruiser. 

The price amounts to $520. 

Overnight desert fun at desert safari in Dubai:

Immerse yourself in the captivating splendor of the Dubai desert. Do this by embarking on a remarkable overnight vacation in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. On an Overnight Desert Safari, you get to relax in a fancy tent. You also get to see the beauty of sleeping under the stars. 

Services that we offer:

  • Benefit from the added convenience of free parking at the entrance of DDCR
  • Indulge in the luxury of your own exclusive, high-quality tent lodging in a campsite inspired by Bedouin culture, with shared bathroom amenities 
  • Experience the excitement of observing wildlife during your safari adventure 
  • Take a short camel trek with an Arabian Camel 
  • Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner with attentive waiter service and your choice of unlimited soft drinks or premium beverages 
  • Explore the night safari on foot with a torch, followed by a cosy fireside gathering for marshmallows 
  • Enjoy a satisfying hot and continental breakfast from a set menu 
  • Take part in a morning wildlife drive (included in packages with transfer) 
  • Embark on an exhilarating 4×4 dune drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (included in packages with transfer) 
  • Relax with convenient transfers to and from your hotel or residence (included in packages with transfer) 

Choose Your Package 

  1. The Soft Drinks Package, excluding transfer, costs USD 487. 
  2. Exclusive Beverage Package – Transportation not provided. Indulge in a wide array of high-quality alcoholic beverages. The aggregate sum is $623. 
  3. The Soft Drinks Package includes a transfer and costs USD 651. 
  4. Premium Drink Package – Includes Free Transportation . Indulge in a diverse assortment of high-quality alcoholic beverages. The whole sum is $787. 

Most exclusive VIP Desert Safari in Dubai

The VIP Desert Safari provides an exclusive chance to discover the desert dunes while experiencing great hospitality. This desert safari offers a detailed schedule of exciting activities, followed by a delicious three-course meal served in a private dining area, guaranteeing a memorable evening for you and your companions. 

Furthermore, you can elevate your VIP Desert Safari experience by opting for exclusive transportation to and from the Reserve. While this upgrade is optional, VIP treatment is absolutely necessary.

Services that we offer:

  • The package includes transfers to and from your accommodation to the DDCR.
  • an exhilarating off-road drive through the desert dunes.
  • a camel ride on an Arabian Camel, the chance to spot wildlife during your VIP Desert Safari.
  • a picturesque sunset with refreshments and treats.
  • participation in traditional Arabic activities such as henna hand-painting, Qahwa & dates, and a captivating fire and dance show.
  • delicious three-course BBQ dinner served to your
  • private table by attentive waiting staff in a peaceful Bedouin-inspired camp. 
  • Indulge in high-quality alcoholic beverages and sparkling drinks, and even partake in shisha if you like. 

Choose your desired service. 

  • Pick and drop service at your hotel in Toyota Land Cruiser. 
  • The price amounts to $245. 
  • Private motor vehicle 
  • It can accommodate a maximum of four people 
  • Experience the ease of being picked up and dropped off at your hotel in a luxurious private vehicles, such as a Toyota Land Cruiser or a comparable 4-wheel drive model. 

The aggregate sum is $952


In conclusion, whether you are a regular visitor or a first-time guest in Dubai Safari, purchasing tickets and making reservations is extremely easy with just one click. Choose your desired packages, personalize your schedule, and be ready for an extraordinary adventure on the desert safari. Please ensure that you finish the booking procedure promptly to ensure the timely fulfillment of your duties. 

What are the different types of desert safaris available?

There are various types of desert safaris catering to different preferences and budgets. Options include morning safaris, evening safaris, overnight safaris, private safaris, and group safaris. Each offers a unique experience tailored to suit different schedules and interests.

What activities are included in a desert safari?

Activities typically included in a desert safari package are dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, quad biking (optional/additional cost), traditional Arabic entertainment like belly dancing and Tanoura shows, henna painting, and a BBQ dinner in a Bedouin-style camp.

Is food provided during the desert safari?

Yes, most desert safari packages include a BBQ dinner served buffet-style, featuring a variety of grilled meats, salads, desserts, and traditional Arabic delicacies. Vegetarian and vegan options are usually available upon request.

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