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No matter which desert safari package you choose, there’s a lot of fun on offer. Besides, exciting adventure sports and entertainment shows at night, the special dinner served makes your safari trip worth it. To make the most of your desert safari experience, it is advisable to look for the best desert safari platinum deals, though.

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Based on your preference and the kind of activities you’d like to enjoy, you can choose different types of desert safari deals. Primarily, these tours are categorized based on the time of the day when you plan to hit the desert.

Let’s explore the various types of desert safari tours and the kind of experiences they offer to adventure lovers.

69 AED


Morning Desert Safari

If you want to witness the sunrise in the desert, a morning desert safari would be a perfect choice for you.

75 AED


Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safari is a one-of-a-kind experience and a chance to create lifelong memories.

99 AED


Overnight Desert Safari

It’s the longest Overnight desert safari experience that lasts for almost 18-20 hours.

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Dune Bashing


Quad Biking


Desert Safari Dubai Experience A Thrilling Adventure With Dune Bashing and Beyond

Dubai, the vibrant city of wonders, offers its visitors a perfect blend of authentic heritage and modern marvels. The cosmopolitan metropolis attracts tourists from all over the world for its rich cultural heritage, cutting-edge innovations, awe-inspiring skyscrapers, serene beaches, expansive deserts, and a plethora of adrenaline-pumping adventures that guarantee an exhilarating experience. And at the heart of this dynamic tourist destination awaits an experience that truly captures the spirit of excitement and awe—the Desert Safari Dubai

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Desert Safari Dubai FAQs

Dubai desert safari is a thrilling adventure. The excitement of quad biking, dune bashing, and Dubai Sand Safari overall is simply unmatched. It is also popular for belly dancing, live music, and other traditional entertainment activities that take place in the night at the desert campsite.

Different types of desert safari deals are available from various safari tour providers. The desert safari Dubai cost entirely depends on the deal you choose and the type of experience you want on your safari trip. Generally, the prices start at 99 AED per person for the desert safari basic deal.  

In addition to the diverse desert safari deals, enthusiasts often join WhatsApp groups to share experiences, tips, and exclusive offers. To connect with fellow desert safari enthusiasts and stay updated on the latest deals, you can find relevant WhatsApp group links through online communities and forums.

If you’re looking for the ultimate safari experience, the Al Faya desert is the best desert safari location to explore. It’s known for its raw beauty, bigger dunes, and the best safari adventures.

Yes, desert safaris are generally safe. Most tour operators provide necessary safety training before you embark on a desert safari. Besides, all necessary safety precautions are taken, like helmets, seat belts, etc.

There are multiple amazing desert safari tour options in Dubai. Generally, you should choose based on a few factors like a dedicated safari guide, types of camps, group size, activities offered, and location and price of the safari tour.

Plan your desert safari Dubai between November and March to enjoy the best experience. These are the best months for desert safari, as the afternoons are generally pleasant, and the nights aren’t that chilly.

Yes, you can wear shorts on your desert safari trip. However, it is recommended to wear trousers so that you won’t get too much sand on the body during sand activities and adventures like dune bashing and sandboarding.

Generally, there aren’t any minimum age requirements for visiting the desert. Kids and toddlers are also allowed to join a desert safari ride. It is compulsory, however, that an adult accompanies the children ages 3-11 years during a camel or dune ride.

Desert safari typically includes adventurous activities like dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiing, and camel riding. The electrifying camp journey may also include an overnight stay in the desert along with evening entertainment activities like fire shows, belly dancing, falconry displays, and more.

The exact duration of a desert safari tour varies depending on the type of safari you have chosen. On average, most companies offer 2-hour morning safari trips, 6-hour evening safaris, and 18-hour overnight safari tours.